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Pedra do sal (Stone Salt)

Pedra do sal (Stone Salt)

"At this place the salt was unloaded from the ships who docked nearby. Afterwards it became the meeting point of samba groups who worked as longshoremen."

This place is historical and makes history in samba. 
Located at the Praça Mauá (Maua square).The exactly location it is on Conceição Hill. In front of the docks , where it was drained salt at the time and was used as a bargaining chip .

The salt stone name is the same until today. It was also a point of exchange and sale of slaves brought by ship. This is why this part of the region it is known as "Little Africa" ("Pequena África").

Later it housed milder activities like samba done by longshoremen after work. Today, samba attracts everybody. It is one of the best samba circles in the city.

It was on the staircase of Stone Salt that was born samba carioca and old ranches carnival as the street blocks like Sereias (mermaids) and some exists until nowadays as Escravos da Mauá (slaves from Maua) for example. 

Nowadays still have the fun samba circles in Stone Salt.

During summer, people usually get there straight from work and many just go to the center especially for this event. 

Music is the finest cream of samba from new compositions to the national classics. 

So if you like good music, cold beer and somewhere open air and for free, don't loose the chance to go! Best days to go are on Mondays and Fridays, very enjoyable. Don’t miss the opportunity to check carioca culture very close.

But be careful with the rain : the place is open and only the musicians are under canvas . The event does not happen under heavy rain .

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